Now, it's time to back our new park. The City of North Liberty has secured the necessary land for its first dog park. However, that's only the first step. Now, we're working to support the build-out of the space—including parking, fencing, shelters, and maintenance. We've spent years working toward this project, and now it requires your support to make it a reality.



You know that dog parks are for more than just dogs. They're a gathering space for family and friends—and a place to meet new, friendly faces (and wet noses). For North Liberty area residents, the closest Dog Park is located in Iowa City's Peninsula Neighborhood and that's an anxious 25-minute commute for some. We've long felt it's time for North Liberty to have a park of its own and it'll soon be here, as we expect our new park to open in Summer 2019.



This fundraising campaign cannot be executed without the support of businesses in our area. If your business has interest in supporting the development of North Liberty's first dog park, we'd welcome the opportunity to share more information with you. Get in touch with us here.



The Johnson County Dog Park Action Committee was formed as a non-profit 501(c)3 to support the growth of dog parks in our area. To date, we've supported the development of two dog parks in Iowa City. Now. with the growth of North Liberty and its surrounding communities, we turn our attention Penn Street and North Liberty Road as we emBARK on building a new puppy playground.